About Us

While Macnallem is a relatively young kennel, as a family, we have been involved within this wonderful breed for 12 years ...

Each dog that we own is a member of the Butler family, loved unconditionally and given the care and respect that they so deserve. It is for this reason that, as a family, we came up with our kennel name, Macnallem. Each member of our family is included in our name, forever a reminder of where we started, in some cases, a beautiful memory of those who no longer grace our lives. Macnallem stands for Mitchell (the youngest member of our 2-legged family, while not a 'showy' like the rest of us, Mitchell is the dogs constant play and running buddy) and Courtney (the main 'showy' of the family, proudly presenting Macnallem Border Collies both in and out of the ring), Neale (the Dad of the Butler family, Neale no longer shows dogs, but maintains a strong interest and love for the breed, but more importantly, is the dogs favourite 'Cuddle Buddy') and Linda (the Mum of the Butler Family, Linda is the second part of well known 'Team Butler', lovingly dubbed 'Coffee Bitch'), Lara (the first bitch to join our little family, Lara is Courtney's best friend, shadow and heart dog. never apart, the bond between Courtney and Lara is something rarely seen, never broken - Gr Ch Monochrome Prima Donna) and Monty (our very first pet, and what a pet he was! Monty has been labelled a 'breed legend', winning countless Best in Show awards and gaining the prestigious Gr Ch title - Gr Ch Monochrome Currency Creek, our beautiful Rooney)

On the 16th of March 1999, at 8.35pm Monochrome Kennels welcomed baby 'Monty' into the world, lovingly given the name 'Elvis' due to his sideburns! Upon visiting 'Monty' for the first time, it was not all love and smiles - Mitchell, at the tender age of 5 was positively scared of dogs (even 3 week old babies!). Little did we know that picking 'Monty' that day would change our lives forever - and so the love obsession began!

Throughout our 12 years of showing, we as a family, have been gifted with the pleasure of owning dogs from the prestigious Monochrome Kennels, and more recently Nahrof Kennels. However, it is with the birth of 'Chanel', that we became our own entity, our own kennel with dreams and aspirations that we look forward to achieving.

Without the trust and support of Wayne and Tricia Nicholls, that day 12 years ago, we would never have gotten to where we are today. Still close family friends; we seek the guidance of Monochrome on all things dog! Eternal thanks must also go to Lauren Somers, Errol and Joy Badior (Nahrof Kennels), Melissa Dean (Benshiva Kennels), Teresa Bailey (Tehya Kennels), Rose Keniry (Caoracu Kennels), Tracie Buckley (Ballyann Kennels), Rebecca Harrison (Ancrum Kennels), Jennifer Bayliss (Libertybrook Kennels), Cara Hawkins (Epi Chihuahuas) and all those who believed in us, and continue to support us as we grow and learn.

and the rest they say, is history....
"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog."
-George Graham