Chanel x Ritchie ~ 'Money' Babies

DOB : 19/05/2011
Sire: Tehya On the Money 'Ritchie'
Dam: Macnallem Hereforareason 'Chanel'

The 19th of May 2011 saw Macnallem welcome the latest litter to the world through a Caesarian Section. We are proud to announce the safe arrival of 7 stunning black and white babies, all healthy and happy. 6 girls and 1 boy.

This litter has exceeded our expectations, not only in conformation, but in personality. This litter has produced well adjusted, happy, friendly, loving dogs who enjoy life and all it gives them.

The 'Money' babies...

Macnallem Shake Ya Moneymaker '
Paris' (Apricot)
Macnallem Rich Pickings 'Buffy' (Lilac)
Macnallem Th Colour of Money 'Dash' (Lime)
Macnallem Heaven Cent 'Jassy' (Red)
Macnallem Strike it Rich 'Lily' (Purple)
Macnallem Miss Fortune 'Mollie' (Pink)
Macnallem What an Inheritance 'Elvis' 

For ease of identification, each of our babies are given their own colour. This colour is used for the first 8 weeks of their lives for puppy buyers, evaluations and gives them a 'name' until their new family think of one. 

We have been extremely lucky in having 5 wonderful families for our babies, we welcome you into the Macnallem Family!