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'Jassy' epitomises what is means to be a Border Collie... 

This is what breeding is all about! Jassy has the ideal temperament for a Border... she is loving and loyal, sweet but not soft, obedient but daring... she can be trusted with dogs of all sizes, with adults, toddlers and children. 

We are so, so grateful that Jassy found a home (it was a perfect match from day one) where her family give her experiences many dogs only wish for.... If you can give a Border Collie this sort of life, the return in love and happiness is next to none. 

We thank Chris and Beau for giving Jassy such a perfect life and for allowing her to be such a wonderful ambassador for not only Macnallem, but all Border Collies!

We look forward to presenting this stunning girl in the show ring once she finishes maturing, and wait in keen anticipation to see what Jassy can bring to the breed in motherhood. 
This  page is constantly under construction as we add some of our favourite shots...